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Artist talk – Wednesday, Sept. 20

L.S. King demo print

Time is fleeting like fluttering butterflies … and I cannot find my net to collect them.

So, no excuses.

But…I have big news, several pieces of big news, which I’ll share (hopefully) in teaspoons and drizzles during this week.

Starting now.

It is the last week of Whet Your Palette: Printmaking at the Artful Lawyer Gallery. Nine of my photopolymer gravures from the Road Diaries series are hanging on this Blacksburg (Virginia) gallery’s walls.

Here’s the real news – on Wednesday, Sept. 20, I’m doing an artist talk about my recent work, processes, and here’s the fun part, I will pull prints live and in person. Remember Zelda, my little pink press? Well, turns out I can pull miniature photopolymer gravures on it. What a good little demo press. Love my Zelda.

Now you are probably wondering what image I’ll print. To keep consistent with the show, I’m using a detail from my print “I81, Verona, Virginia – Trees.” This will be a small image, but I’m printing it on antique heavy stationary I acquired in Atlanta during the SGCI conference back in March 2017. I knew there was a reason I had to have it.

Now in my past when I’ve done demos, folks ask me for the prints. Instead I am going to work on alleviating the helpless feelings about the weather. I’m not giving the prints away. Instead, for a $25 donation, you can take one home (or you can order one by emailing me before noon EST, Sept. 20). And yes, these will be a limited edition (most likely under 50). All the donations are going to go to the Rockport Art Center in Rockport, Texas. They suffered a lot of damage during Hurricane Harvey. Let’s help them come back (and if you are game, I’ll give you a shout out in a later post).

Word to the wise – if you plan to attend to my talk (did I mention it is free?), you should register for it. Call 540-443-9350 or email


The Unwinding Path is the blog of L.S. King – photographer, want-to-be printmaker and sometimes hypnotist. By day she is an arts communications officer at a rural university (translation: photographer, writer, and media content provider), and most of the rest of her time she is an MFA graduate student at Radford University.


  1. We had such a wonderful time at your Artist Talk! and it was so great to meet you in person!!!

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