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Happy Winter: Want A Free Print?


I could apologize for the lack of communication for the past few months. I could give you explanations and excuses – you know the ones – they trip off the tongue too easily with words like lack of time or too many commitments; the seduction of sleep; and fingers too cold to type, but we are both aware neither of us like the blah-blah-blah sound of it.

So here I am. Back. More rested. Too well feed. And another semester under my belt (and yep, one more A – did you hear my sigh of relief? Turns out Instructional Design is challenging, but deeply satisfying. What you ask? Is this a turning point for L.S. King? Might she feel the tiniest bit of interest in teaching? Yes, I believe so).

And so I will pick up here with a specific call to action for you. It involves signing up for my mailing list or a joint one I share with Ken Smith Fine Art for King Smith Studio. But wait, here is the incentive part for you. Sign up and I will send you my annual “Happy Winter” card – signed, sealed, stamped, and snail mailed. And yes, I follow best practices and standards in anti-spamming – so you can unsubscribe at any time, though I hope you will want to stay on the list. And I promise not to over do it.

What else does being on the list mean? It means you may receive handmade cards, invitations to exhibitions and maybe an open house, special promotions, random kindnesses and sundry surprises. This is a different list than the subscription to this blog, so apologies if you need to sign-up both, but I will do my best to make it all worth your while.

Some of you may be familiar with my annual “Happy Winter” cards, and if you are wondering why you have not received one, it is that I am trying to get my mailing list legitimately together.

This year’s signed card is a photopolymer relief print; double printed in black and gold ink. Based on a photograph I made Nov. 3 on I-81 N between Virginia and Maryland for my current Road Diaries series (more on that later), this is a silhouette version and my representation of quintessential winter trees.

Want one? If so, please sign up for my list (L.S. King) or the King Smith Studio mailing list I share with Ken Smith.


The Unwinding Path is the blog of L.S. King – photographer, want-to-be printmaker and sometimes hypnotist. By day she is an arts communications officer at a rural university (translation: photographer, writer, and media content provider), and most of the rest of her time she is an MFA graduate student at Radford University.


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